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About InfiniteHoops

Founded in 2003, InfiniteHoops is a Seattle-based service for finding basketball games and players worldwide. Our mission is to make it easy for basketball players to connect and organize pickup games with players of similar ability and skill.

InfiniteHoops was the first site in our pickup sports network. It was followed by sites dedicated to soccer, softball, football and hockey - InfiniteSoftball, InfiniteFootball and InfiniteHockey.

In 2010, we incorporated our sites into InfiniteSports LLC. Soon after, we partnered with CALLE to build Underground, a site for pickup soccer.

The service was founded and developed by Tosh Meston. Contact him on LinkedIn.


Special thanks goes out to Mark James and FamFamFam for use of their excellent icons. Thanks to Flickr users Mulad and Pedestrianrex for the use of their photos on InfiniteSoftball.