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InfiniteHoops is for people who play sports, watch sports, attend sporting events and live the sporting life.  This is our audience, and we are interested in working with brands who want to reach them.

We offer affordable text ads in 100 character blocks on sites in our pickup sports websites on a fixed price per month basis.  There are discounts if you wish to purchase larger ads or advertise for a full year.  Ads will appear on each page of the site and are included in the RSS feed as well.

Feel free to contact us for our current rates today.

Geo-Targeted Ads

Choose between running your ad on all pages of the site or target them to specific cities, neighborhoods or areas around venues.


Perhaps you are ticket seller. With geo-targeted ads, you can display your ad for Knicks tickets on pages for games, groups and search results in or around the NYC area.

Perhaps you run a basketball league. With geo-targeting, you can display an ad for your league to basketball players in your area.

InfiniteHoops (76% are 18-34, 90% are male)

Please see the detailed demographic information our registered users below.


All Sites * InfiniteHoops
65+ 0% 0%
55-64 1% 1%
45-54 4% 4%
35-44 15% 15%
25-34 43% 47%
18-24 32% 29%
13-17 6% 4%
Total Over 21 84% 87%
Total 18-34 75% 76%


All Sites * InfiniteHoops
Men 88% 90%
Women 12% 10%

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