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Group Name:Blair's Court
Game Time:8/22/2019 11:30:00 AM (Central Daylight Time)
Duration:2 hours
Game Status:On
Composition:Men and Women
Age Group:Any
Skill Level:Recreational
State / Province:TX
This game is part of a recurring series which plays every weekday.

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  • I will play if we get 8
    by: Mlamm on Mon, Oct 21 3:53 PM
  • No games today?
    by: Mlamm on Mon, Oct 21 3:49 PM
  • All good guys, I’ll drop today. See y’all next week I may suit up and drop by just in case - I understand if I can’t hoop- I’ll just take a couple laps :)
    by: Alberto Mejia on Fri, Oct 18 4:21 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • Alberto, we are at +1 today, so you are #11.  If we don't get a 12, then we will max out at 10.  You can monitor to see if #12 signs in.
    by: PlayDoh on Fri, Oct 18 4:15 PM
  • So now our 9 is actually 10, because Gage is bringing someone with him that is not signed in.  So, we are even now.
    by: W. Derv on Fri, Oct 18 3:06 PM
  • We need 1
    by: Tony Manti on Fri, Oct 18 2:46 PM
  • Andrew is coming.  there is room for Levi or Tim or Doug, whichever one will get us to 12, even though it only looks like 11.
    by: W. Derv on Fri, Oct 18 2:26 PM
  • Someone make sure Andrew shows up as he doesn't always look I don't think
    by: Tony Manti on Fri, Oct 18 1:52 PM
  • We have Gage plus 1.  We have 12 in today..
    by: Clayton Judd on Fri, Oct 18 12:47 PM
  • Gotta really work on this numbers game.
    by: Levi Johnson on Fri, Oct 18 2:41 AM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone