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Group Name:Blair's Court
Game Time:10/21/2019 11:30:00 AM (Central Daylight Time)
Duration:2 hours
Game Status:On
Composition:Men and Women
Age Group:Any
Skill Level:Recreational
State / Province:TX
This game is part of a recurring series which plays every weekday.

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  • Another option could be the courts just down the street where AMD used to have building #3?  It’s wide open so spacing would be easier also.
    by: KAPP on Fri, May 29 4:53 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • The court will be remained closed until further notice.

    I suggest that anyone who wants to play basketball, work it out to play at Matt's HOA
    by: Tim Giddings on Fri, May 29 4:31 PM
  • Should we start signing in for games at the end of next week??
    by: Tony Manti on Fri, May 29 4:29 PM
  • Ha.  hopefully we can get back ou there soon.
    by: Tony Manti on Wed, May 27 3:09 PM
  • Typical Manti stirring up crap by bringing in politics.

    Maybe we will open up the court when MLB, NHL & NBA all resume their seasons.
    by: Tim Giddings on Tue, May 26 5:47 PM
  • Matt’s HOA an option and not too far for everyone.

    Tim sounds like a democratic Governor with that response.

    Hope all are doing well.
    by: Tony Manti on Tue, May 26 5:40 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • There is a nice court at my HOA if anyone wants to play during the day...???
    by: Mlamm on Thu, May 21 4:24 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • There is no time table to open up the court.  I will re-evaluate our protocols again on June 1.
    by: Tim Giddings on Thu, May 21 3:52 PM
  • I hope we can start playing soon.  Tim is in charge here.  Hopefully he will comment.
    by: Clayton Judd on Thu, May 21 2:33 PM
  • How close are we to being able to play.  I am ready.  According to Governor, outdoor team sports can kick back up on June 1st so maybe we can at least target that day
    by: Tony Manti on Thu, May 21 2:11 PM