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Group Name:NJBA
Game Time:11/12/2019 4:30:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time)
Duration:2.5 hours
Game Status:On
Composition:Men and Women
Age Group:Any
Skill Level:Recreational
State / Province:Colorado
This game is part of a recurring series which plays weekly on: Tues

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  • I cant make it until 530 but Jerry is in as well
    by: Chi Zheng on Tue, Dec 10 10:51 PM
  • I can play until 6:30
    by: Tim on Tue, Dec 10 10:03 PM
  • Just avoid the specific spots with the red symbols...
    by: Matt Strand on Tue, Dec 10 7:56 PM
  • Yeah, due to the new building coming in there is no parking to the west of the gym.  At 5pm or after you will probably be able to park in the south part of the BB building lot (just to north of 14th between Colorado and Albion).  If you have any trouble, let me know, although I won't be there tonight.
    by: Matt Strand on Tue, Dec 10 7:55 PM
  • If anyone wants a recommendation for parking, let me know.  There is an empty lot at 5pm across CO blvd where Matt works. Literally just across the street from NJ.
    by: Jacob Thomas on Tue, Dec 10 7:46 PM
  • In @ 6.
    by: Matt Strand on Tue, Dec 3 7:58 PM
  • Jacob is coming too
    by: Tim on Tue, Dec 3 7:51 PM
  • Plus Jerry
    by: Chi Zheng on Tue, Dec 3 5:53 PM
  • A lot of people put out. We may have had enough if all those were potential in's.
    by: Jacob Thomas on Tue, Nov 26 10:51 PM
  • O.k. we have 8 including Jerry and Buck.  I can mainly guard Buck since I'm testing out my foot for first time in a while...
    by: Matt Strand on Tue, Nov 19 8:16 PM