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Here are a few other groups near Austin, TX.

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  • I'll be practicing in my head.  Take care and be safe.
    by: PlayDoh on Mon, Mar 23 2:55 PM
  • Take Care guys.   Let us get ready for a lot of games when we can get out there again.  Be safe and hopefully will see you soon
    by: Tony Manti on Mon, Mar 23 1:21 PM
  • Be safe guys. See you in a year or so
    by: Levi Johnson on Mon, Mar 23 12:46 AM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • We are closing the basketball court until further notice.  If someone wants to go shoot by themselves but we need to keep our distance from each other at this time.

    Appreciate your understanding at this time.
    by: Tim Giddings on Mon, Mar 23 12:14 AM
  • Tim was telling me this morning the we are closing all showers down also.
    by: Clayton Judd on Fri, Mar 20 3:26 PM
  • A whole week without hoops.   Strange times indeed.
    by: W. Derv on Fri, Mar 20 3:24 PM
  • It's wet here..  The court is not playable..  Hopefully next week.. Have a good weekend...
    by: Clayton Judd on Fri, Mar 20 3:21 PM
  • It rained at my house what's the court even like?
    by: Hami on Fri, Mar 20 3:07 PM
  • Should Brady come out tomorrow (Friday) as well?
    by: Mlamm on Fri, Mar 20 1:43 AM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • Kapp says the court is not playable, except maybe half court with towels and blower.  Sure would be nice to get a game in tomorrow.
    by: W. Derv on Thu, Mar 19 4:02 PM