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Here are a few other groups near Austin, TX.

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  • No one around today??
    by: Tony Manti on Mon, Jan 20 4:28 PM
  • Yeah, got worse since my last comment.  And we didn't get anybody else.
    by: PlayDoh on Thu, Jan 16 5:20 PM
  • Light mist as I walked between buildings and ground is wet.  Can't see the court being playable.
    by: Tim Giddings on Thu, Jan 16 5:08 PM
  • Surprisingly we have a chance today.  The rain chances pushed out and the sidewalks are drying.  It's still marginal and we need 1-3 more.
    by: PlayDoh on Thu, Jan 16 4:29 PM
  • Not looking good
    by: Tony Manti on Wed, Jan 15 4:50 PM
  • Sorry guys, I am booked up in meetings today
    by: Alberto Mejia on Wed, Jan 15 4:14 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • Sun has just now come out so think if it stays out court may dry very quick.  This could be the only day the court could be playable so let me know quick if we have any shot of getting to 8
    by: Tony Manti on Wed, Jan 15 4:01 PM
  • Yes, very wet.  If we get lucky, we'll have a game this week, but we will just have to weather-watch.
    by: PlayDoh on Tue, Jan 14 5:13 PM
  • I assume no game today either.
    by: Tony Manti on Tue, Jan 14 3:48 PM
  • Court is unplayable.  Been misting for the last hour and no wind or sun in the forecast.
    by: Tim Giddings on Mon, Jan 13 3:14 PM