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Knoxville Basketball

Composition:Men and Women
Age Group:Adult
Skill Level:Recreational
State / Province:TN
Notes:This group was created because people are searching for basketball games in Knoxville.

Join this group if you'd like to play.  Once there are enough players the web site contact everyone to set up a time to play.
Upcoming Games:



  • Where can I hoop in Knox?? Just moved here from Chatt
    by: Jaredroberts on Sat, Jul 13 6:36 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • Anyone playing in Knoxville? Our gym is being remodeled and I'm looking for something for a few months.....
    by: Bradley Harjani on Thu, Jun 27 3:22 PM
  • Hey I live in West Knoxville over by cedar bluff if y’all tryna get some runs in I’m down just text me 8654066123
    by: Marqutte Hayes on Mon, Jun 10 7:35 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • I’m looking to play every Thursday night and Saturday morning, I am 6’8” and played at Purdue, if anyone knows of any leagues or pick up games or anything I’m interested
    by: Jlube on Wed, May 29 11:31 PM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone
  • How active is this group? I’ve been dying to get some quality runs in since I graduated college.
    by: Ericbengt on Mon, Apr 22 2:13 AM via InfiniteHoops on iPhone