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30,000 Players and the Year of the App

Posted by Tosh Meston on Mon, Dec 17

30,000 Players and the Year of the AppThis weekend we were excited to register the 30,000th player on the Infinite sites, and I thought it was a good time to give an end of year summary of where we've been and where we are going.

This year our focus was squarely on mobile. It's hard to believe, but we managed to launch five separate apps during the year!

In late 2011, we launched InfiniteHoops GPS, our first iPhone app, which was designed to find pickup basketball games in your city. We followed it up with the releases of InfiniteSoftball GPS, InfiniteFootball GPS and InfiniteHockey GPS during the year. Reviews have been good and people are asking for the apps on different platforms such as Android and Windows Phone. While we have nothing to announce about apps on different platforms, it's awesome to hear there is interest. This definitely affects our roadmap so keep letting us know what you want.

With the late start of last year's NBA season in December 2011, we were also able to release our iPhone app for subscribing to NBA teams' game schedules - InfiniteHoops 365. This app is one of my favorites. I use it almost every day to see who my Lakers are playing next. It's so simple to subscribe to the teams you care about and see their games in your iPhone's calendar. The games are always up to date and your calendar syncs automatically.

In February, we reached a significant milestone for us, which was to have 100,000 games registered in the system. While most of the games are still in the United States, we are seeing InfiniteHoops games set up in other countries such Malaysia.

In September, we refreshed InfiniteHoops GPS as the official InfiniteHoops app. It features geo-targeted notifications of nearby games, an updated user interface and trending video clips from the NBA, Nike Basketball, Ballislife, adidas Basketball, Dime, ESPN, LakersNation, Footlocker and many more. We had some great coverage of this launch by Mashable, GeekWire, UrbanDaddy and the Cosby Sweaters (love that name).

Users coming from our mobile apps after one year are on par with users coming from the web, which is impressive, and that trend of more and more mobile users mirrors what we are seeing with the internet industry generally.

So what does the future hold for InfiniteSports...? Well, I can tell you we are enjoying building out our mobile experience so expect to see more features added to our current apps, and I suspect there will be something new from us pretty soon.

Thanks for all the support, everyone!

Tosh Meston
Founder of InfiniteSports, LLC

PS. Who was the 30,000th player? A hockey player from Langhorne, PA.

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