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Sat, Jan 26

Announcing InfiniteSoccer WhiteboardOur new iPad and iPhone whiteboard app for soccer coaches - InfiniteSoccer Whiteboard - was released to the App Store today.

Whiteboard features full and half-field diagrams and four built-in colors to illustrate game plays.  When you make a mistake, don't erase, undo.  Whiteboard also lets you email your plays to players and assistant coaches so they may study them on their own time.

Download InfiniteSoccer Whiteboard today!
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Mon, Jan 7

Introducing InfiniteHoops WhiteboardToday we're excited to introduce our new basketball coaching whiteboard app - InfiniteHoops Whiteboard.  

This is our first iPad application (although it also runs on iPhone/iPod Touch), so we're especially excited to be on a new device.  We recommend all you ballers turned coaches check it out.  

Here's more info on the app:

InfiniteHoops Whiteboard is a basketball whiteboard app for illustrating game plays.

Whiteboard is simple. Draw plays with your finger to get your idea across.

Erase your mistakes with the Undo button or choose to erase everything.

Choose between high school, college or professional basketball half courts.

Illustrate your play with four built-in color choices.

Work on your plays and email them to your team so they can study them on their own time.

We'd love to hear what you think of the app or just to have you say hey. Partner inquiries are welcome too.

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Wed, Dec 19

In tonight's Lakers-Bobcats game, Gerald Henderson did his best Blake Griffin imitation as he threw down a dunk over Dwight Howard.  I think we need a better word for this kind of score than "dunk" as I don't think his hand even touched the rim.  Does "throwdown" work?

Impressive for sure.  Have a look.

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Mon, Dec 17

30,000 Players and the Year of the AppThis weekend we were excited to register the 30,000th player on the Infinite sites, and I thought it was a good time to give an end of year summary of where we've been and where we are going.

This year our focus was squarely on mobile. It's hard to believe, but we managed to launch five separate apps during the year!

In late 2011, we launched InfiniteHoops GPS, our first iPhone app, which was designed to find pickup basketball games in your city. We followed it up with the releases of InfiniteSoftball GPS, InfiniteFootball GPS and InfiniteHockey GPS during the year. Reviews have been good and people are asking for the apps on different platforms such as Android and Windows Phone. While we have nothing to announce about apps on different platforms, it's awesome to hear there is interest. This definitely affects our roadmap so keep letting us know what you want.

With the late start of last year's NBA season in December 2011, we were also able to release our iPhone app for subscribing to NBA teams' game schedules - InfiniteHoops 365. This app is one of my favorites. I use it almost every day to see who my Lakers are playing next. It's so simple to subscribe to the teams you care about and see their games in your iPhone's calendar. The games are always up to date and your calendar syncs automatically.

In February, we reached a significant milestone for us, which was to have 100,000 games registered in the system. While most of the games are still in the United States, we are seeing InfiniteHoops games set up in other countries such Malaysia.

In September, we refreshed InfiniteHoops GPS as the official InfiniteHoops app. It features geo-targeted notifications of nearby games, an updated user interface and trending video clips from the NBA, Nike Basketball, Ballislife, adidas Basketball, Dime, ESPN, LakersNation, Footlocker and many more. We had some great coverage of this launch by Mashable, GeekWire, UrbanDaddy and the Cosby Sweaters (love that name).

Users coming from our mobile apps after one year are on par with users coming from the web, which is impressive, and that trend of more and more mobile users mirrors what we are seeing with the internet industry generally.

So what does the future hold for InfiniteSports...? Well, I can tell you we are enjoying building out our mobile experience so expect to see more features added to our current apps, and I suspect there will be something new from us pretty soon.

Thanks for all the support, everyone!

Tosh Meston
Founder of InfiniteSports, LLC

PS. Who was the 30,000th player? A hockey player from Langhorne, PA.
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Sat, Dec 15

Thuzio - Book a Pickup Game with Gary PaytonWho wants to fly down to Vegas and play a pickup game with GP?  

It's only $2500 and the site Thuzio can make it happen.  Thuzio sounds like a very interesting platform that lets pro athletes connect with their fans.  You can choose from stock appearances such as a pickup game or lunch or dinner or speaking engagement.  Have something else in mind?  Thuzio can help float the idea.

This is actually very cool.  Check out Thuzio to see if your favorite pro is listed.
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Tue, Dec 11

Dime tells about a recent event in a CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) game where Tracy McGrady levels a player with an elbow after getting taunted with the old Mutombo finger wave.  Apparently McGrady was not tossed from the game for the offense.

Check out the vid.

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Wed, Dec 5

New Orleans Hornets to change nickname to Pelicans, according to report - ESPNYahoo Sports is reporting the New Orleans Hornets will be changing their name to the Pelicans potentially as early as the 2013-14 season.  Not sure if this a real thing.  Here's a link to ESPN where they are talking about it.
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Wed, Dec 5

The Timberwolves have put together a smooth jazz promo video for Kevin Love's Coat Drive featuring Love on the tenor sax.  Mmm, so smooth.

This is bizarre and awesome, and I highly recommend you check it out.  It's best coat drive promo video I have ever seen.

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Mon, Nov 26

Here's a new track from the OKC's Kevin Durant.  I've never heard his stuff before, and I think this is somewhat different that I would expect from him.  Have a listen.

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Wed, Nov 14

There's a new Foot Locker ad featuring the Cavs' Kyrie Irving out today.  Kyrie goes up for the iconic slo-mo free throw line dunk, gets stuck in the air, and has to find ways to pass the time.

Worth a viewing.

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Mon, Nov 5

INFINITEHOOPS 2.1 LAUNCHEDWe're excited to announce the availability of InfiniteHoops on iPhone version 2.1 - now with Videos.  In this release, we've added the video module featuring highlight clips, interviews, training tips and mixtapes.  InfiniteHoops pulls from dozens of feeds, including the NBA, Nike Basketball, adidas Basketball, SLAM, Ballislife, and others.  InfiniteHoops' content algorithm pulls the trending videos and lets you check them out inside the app.  So, when you're not schooling fools on the court, you can see what's happening in the world of hoop.

We'd love to hear what you think of the app or just to have you say hey.  Partner inquiries are welcome too.

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Mon, Nov 5

Dwight Howard talks about the Lakers first win of the season after starting 0-3 (0-11 including preseason).  It came against the now 0-3 Detroit Pistons, but a win is a win.

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Fri, Nov 2

Sam Laird over at Mashable posts about the Pepsi Max videos starring Kyrie Irving as the elderly baller - Uncle Drew.  Definitely an interesting read.  Check out the video too, featuring Kevin Love as Wes and Bill Russell as himself.

"What these young bloods have to understand that this game, has always been, and will always be... about buckets."

-- Bill Russell

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Fri, Oct 26

Nike Basketball has released a promo video of the new Kevin Durant shoe - the KD V.  According to Nike, the 5 represents the five players on the court, five sides of the nations's pentagon, five corners of a star and what it means to be #35.

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Wed, Oct 24

My buddy Michele forwards this clip of 1993 Rockets-Sonics Game 7, when inexplicably, a sixth Rockets player joins the play with just seconds left in the game.  

The player, Winston Garland, comes off the Rockets bench and stands open in the corner and briefly moves in for a rebound before catching himself and moving back out of bounds.  Worth a viewing.

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