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Mon, Oct 22

The guys at POINT 3 Basketball have been putting together training tips and exercises in videos for ballers to check out.  They have everything from strength and conditioning drills to tips on creating space for your jumper.  

Browse through their Alpha Training Videos.  You may learn something to improve your game.

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Fri, Oct 19

If you haven't already seen the block and dunk by the Jazz' Jeremy Evans on the Clippers' Ronny Turiaf, it's definitely worth checking out.  Certainly it's the most exciting play of the preseason. :)

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Mon, Oct 15

New InfiniteHoops on iPhone DroppedA new version of InfiniteHoops on iPhone is available.  This release adds support for the larger screen on the iPhone 5, and it has the ability to add NBA team schedules to your calendar as an In-App purchase.

More stuff is coming.  Download today.
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Mon, Oct 8

Harlem Ambassadors Coming to Seattle in NovThe Lake Washington Optimist Club is hosting the Harlem Ambassadors basketball entertainment show for a fundraising basketball game on November 4th in Kirkland, WA at Lake Washington High School.

Prices are $15 (adult) and $12 (student) at the door.

The Optimists are looking for 2-3 more players to play against the Harlem Ambassadors, if you are interested, please get touch with the Lake Washington Optimist Club.

Click through to the flyer for more details.

Looks to be a fun event!
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Tue, Sep 25

In case all you InfiniteHoops fans want to know how I rolled my ankle last week... it was basically doing stuff like this.

Worth checking out.

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Sun, Sep 23

Mashable: 8 Apps You Don't Want To MissWell, this is awesome.  Mashable included InfiniteHoops in its weekly "Apps You Don't Want to Miss" round-up piece.

"Looking for a pick-up basketball game? InfiniteHoops notifies you when a pickup game is nearby and then displays that game’s location on a map. Tapping on a particular game can allow you to mark yourself “in” or “out” for the game, or even trash talk with potential upcoming opponents."
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Fri, Sep 21

Hoops helper: An iPhone app to organize pickup basketball - GeekWireGeekWire, a popular technology blog based in Seattle, covered the launch of our app - InfiniteHoops on iPhone.

"The app uses GPS to set up geo-fences around specific courts and notifies users when they cross the geofence. Players can link to game details — where it is, what time, how many people involved — and RSVP game status (In, Out, Undecided). Users can also search the database for games going on in other places and join groups that establish regular playing times."

Have a read.
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Wed, Sep 19

UrbanDaddy: InfiniteHoops | An App for Finding Pickup Basketball GamesUrbanDaddy, a stylish lifestyle website, picked up on our launch and wrote about InfiniteHoops on iPhone as well.  Very cool.

"Say hello to InfiniteHoops, a GPS-powered iPhone app that locates currently active basketball courts, available now."

Have a read.
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Wed, Sep 19

CosbySweaters: "InfiniteHoops" App Lets You Find Local Pickup Basektball Games Anywhere - Cosby SweatersThe, a sports news website, covered our app as well. Can't help but laugh whenever I think about their name. Check em out.

"With the improvements from its original launch, users can now set up “geo-fence” notifications that will notify the person when they have entered an area where a pickup game is happening. Users can also join pickup game groups to message other users and RSVP for future games."
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Wed, Sep 19

Mashable: Find a Pickup Basketball Game Anywhere With This AppInfiniteHoops on iPhone was covered by Sam Laird on the popular technology blog Mashable yesterday.  

"With the new-and-improved app, users can set up geo-fence notifications that let them know when they’ve entered the vicinity of a registered pickup game at a nearby park or gym. Users can also join pickup game groups to message other users and RSVP for games as well as view other group member’s RSVPs for a given game and time."

Click through to check it out.
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Tue, Sep 18

New Release of InfiniteHoops on iPhoneWe're very excited to announce the immediate availability of a new version of our app, InfiniteHoops on iPhone.  Read below for our release notes or click through to download.  It's free!  

This is our first release focusing on bringing games to you as you move about in the world. InfiniteHoops on iPhone uses geofences to automatically notify you when you get near a spot where there is a regular pickup game. Maybe a game is on your way to work or school. Maybe it's right down the street. The app will pop a notification with a link to the group so you can check it out.

While the focus is on bringing games to you, we also made some other additions to the app. In the new slide menu, you can see your upcoming games just like on Mark yourself In, Out or Undecided with the new quick roster buttons. Know a player who might be down for a game? Email them a link to your game or group with a click. Do basic stuff like register with Facebook or change your email or password.

Also in there, are player aliases so you can give yourself a dope nickname like "Tha Skillz that Killz". Ok, don't. You'll think of something.

We'd love to hear what you think of the app or just to have you say hey. Partner inquiries are welcome too.

InfiniteHoops -
Twitter - @InfiniteHoops
Facebook -
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Tue, Sep 11

2012 NBA D-League - Bakersfield Jam Open TryoutsThe Bakersfield Jam, the NBA D-League team affiliated with Hawks, Clippers, Suns and Raptors are holding open tryouts on the following dates in the following cities.  If you think you have what it takes to ball at the D-League level, you might check these out.

Saturday and Sunday, Sept 22nd and 23rd at 8:30 AM
US Airways Arena
201 E. Jefferson Street
Phoenix AZ 85004

Saturday and Sunday, October 6th and 7th at 8:30 AM
Suwanee Sports Academy
3640 Burnette Road
Suwanee GA 30024

Saturday and Sunday, October 13th and 14th at 8:30 AM
Bakersfield Jam Events Center
1400 Norris Road
Bakersfield CA 93308

Click through for more details or contact
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Mon, Sep 10

2012 NBA D-League - Springfield Armor Player TryoutsThe Brooklyn Nets' NBA Development League Affiliate, the Springfield Armor, will be hosting open tryouts this year on the following dates:

Saturday, Sept. 22nd - 8:00 AM
PNY Center, Training Center of the Brooklyn Nets
390 Murray Hill Parkway
East Rutherford, NJ


Sunday, October 21st - 12 Noon
263 Alden Street
Springfield, MA

Check out the linked flyer or visit for more information or to register.
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Thu, Sep 6

"Come on D. Lee.  We're going to hoop!"

Check out this short video of Jeremy Lin's recent visit to Taiwan where he and the Golden State Warriors' David Lee sneak out of their hotel to play some pick up ball on the streets of Taipei.

Worth a viewing.

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Tue, Sep 4

InfiniteHoops 365 : NBA Game Schedules for iPhoneOur NBA schedule importer iPhone app - InfiniteHoops 365 - just posted an update to the app store.  

Get your team's game schedule along with TV channel info today.
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