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Stephen Buttrick

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Petaluma Basketball, Rohnert Park Basketball, Rohnert Park Basketball, Rohnert Park Basketball, Santa Rosa Basketball

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  • Wed, Jul 3
    "I wouldn't mind playing anywhere really. In RP M park has ppl balling after 430-5ish, I wont be out there until maybe 630ish because of work."
  • Tue, Jan 29
    "M park or S park has ppl balling up anyone interested in meeting up sometime this week or weekend?"
  • "I would love to find out more info on Callinan in RP! As for places i ball at i am starting to go to S park in Rohnert park, nothing right now in Santa rosa, per i have heard nothing really."
  • Sun, Jun 17
    "I say the best thing to do is find out when everyone has a open 1-2 days and set a time. I vote Saturday or Sunday day or night I will make it work."
  • "I would love to play weekends as that is the only time I am free."
  • Sun, Apr 8
    "Summer is coming up what parks you guys want to meet at to play some ball?"
  • Mon, Jul 19
    "hey guys sorry about not posting, didnt go on tuesday it was all star game night so we didnt go. I am trying to get ppl to ball on saturday as well with me but my work ppl want to ball around s park which is ion rohnert park, thats a long ass drive for both of you. I do plan to get a membership for university of sports soon to ball on saturdays, so i will keep you guys posted, again sorry for the late response."
  • Sat, Jul 3
    "plan to be there around 1230 u?"