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Scott To The Johnson

Scott To The Johnson

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Denny Park, Ingraham HS

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  • Wed, Dec 18
    Scott To The Johnson wrote a comment on Smithsa's profile.
    "Hey! We are trying to start Ingraham HS back up again. This time it's with all of the Phillips guys. They are trying to get two courts on Thursdays from 8-10. I can forward you the e-mail that has the price breakdown in it. We are trying to cap the number of players at 30 so we aren't over crowded.

    Send me an e-mail if you are interested."
  • Wed, Aug 21
    Benbab wrote a comment on Scott To The Johnson's profile.
    "Hey man, I need a sub for my men's league tonight (wednesday). Can you play? The game starts at 6:40 and is in Bellevue. Let me know if you can play - you can play the whole game as we only have 5."
  • Tue, Aug 20
    "I'll have one coming with me today so as of now that makes 7."
  • "I have a meeting at 1 so I'll need to leave a little early. Can we attempt to start playing at noon?"
  • Mon, Aug 19
    "I'm in! I'll try to grab a couple guys from my work.

    SAM, D, Will and the rocks stars, Ed, Zeb, J (no hand excuses) where you is?"
  • Scott To The Johnson changed his status to "In" for the basketball game on Tue, Aug 20.
  • Tue, Aug 6
    "Can anyone else play Wednesday?"
  • Mon, Aug 5
    "Is there anyway we can get enough people to play a game this week? What's the best day for everyone?"
  • Fri, Jul 19
    Scott To The Johnson changed his status to "Out" for the basketball game on Fri, Jul 19.
  • "If I can make it I'll be bringing one with me."