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Gary S

Santa Rosa, CA
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Rohnert Park Basketball, Santa Rosa Basketball, Sebastopol Basketball

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  • Fri, Aug 27
    "I'm going to head over to Pioneer Park tomorrow (Sat) at around noon.  Caught some games there a few weeks ago and had a blast.  Those guys seem to get there pretty early on Saturdays.

    Deric, I'm down to play on weekday evenings, but could probably do most nights, and would love to get a regular game going.  Be willing to drive to RP, Sebastopol, etc.  Hopefully some of the other players on here will catch this and chime in.  Anyone?"
  • Sat, Jul 17
    Gary S wrote a comment on Connorocollin's profile.
    "Sorry, man.  Hurt my toe 2 days ago.  Not bad, but enough that I won't be out today.  How about we try to get a game going next Saturday, maybe at Pioneer Park in the afternoon?"
  • Fri, Jul 16
    Connorocollin wrote a comment on Gary S's profile.
    "yo gary saterday?"
  • Sat, Jul 10
    "Well, we got three to come out.  Was hoping some locals woudl show too, but no.  We ended up migrating over to Pioneer Park and finding some games going there, and better rims.

    If anyone is interested, I'm down to try this again.  Perhaps plan something later in the day, and farther in advance so that we have more time to find players.  Saturday at 3 or 4 seems like a good time, maybe the 17th?  Anyone have any thoughts?"
  • Fri, Jul 2
    "Tried to schedule a game for Saturday through the site, but it said I found a bug."
  • "I play at Finley usually -- closest to my current location.  I've seen people there Saturday afternoons, caught a few games.  I'm willing to drive much farther, and would like to get into that Tuesday night action too, Stephen, if there's room.  So I guess I'm going to head to Finley tomorrow around noon and hope some of you are able to make it.  If there is a time that works better for some, I'm flexible."
  • Thu, Jul 1
    "Heh heh, looks like enough for a 5 on 5!  Seriously though, while traffic is light here for our area, I bet we could make this site work for us.  I can play weekend afternoons, or some week nights.  Anyone want to try to get a regular weekly going?  Or maybe just plan a game for an upcoming weekend.  FWIW, I'm in."
  • Wed, Jun 23
    Gary S updated his profile.
  • Gary S joined the Sebastopol Basketball group.