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Kmcmahon Ma

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Ottawa Basketball

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  • Sat, Apr 16
    "Fantasic! I wanted to post the message below but can't from my crappy old bb and my laptop is down. Feel free to post on kmcmahon's behalf unless you think it's too childish. Haha. You're response was much more constructive seeing as he or she could set up a game. Anyways..glad you responded. Good on ya! - Kristin

    You are a clown who can't spell clown. What is the point in a message like that? Are you 16?
    I'm playing on two basketball teams in ottawa right now, and from this site have sent others to pick up nights I know of.
    If you still haven't found ball in ottawa you are def not a baller.

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  • Tue, Sep 28

    * *

    *Every Tuesday Night*

    *Where:   Routhier Community Centre (172 Guiges, corner of Guiges and

    * *

    *When: Every Tuesday night from 8:15pm to 9:45pm*

    * *

    *Cost: $4 each (to cover the cost of renting the gym)*

    * *

    *Players of all ages and skill level are welcome*

    * *

    * *

    *For more information please email:*

  • Wed, Jul 7
    Tosh Meston wrote a comment on Kmcmahon Ma's profile.
    "Depends on the group.  Leave a group comment asking if people want to get a game going."
  • Kmcmahon Ma wrote a comment on Tosh Meston's profile.
    "Does this group get any activity? Or is it a wasted effort for Ottawa, Ontario?"
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