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Chip Spall

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  • Wed, Nov 23
    "I think we are arranging the game on Facebook already..."
  • Wed, Dec 22
    "Thanks Tosh for not stuffing him when he went up for the dunk like I thought you would...  about 3 years ago I was dunked on and it nice to know I'm no longer the last dude to give one up"
  • Sat, Nov 27
    Chip Spall changed his status to "Out" for the basketball game on Fri, Nov 26.
  • Tue, Nov 23
    "Road hazard is overrated now that they are cleaning the roads up, I'll show up today to work out around noon, maybe a couple of folks will show up on the courts at 1, just to irritate tne nooners I'll try to get into their game..."
  • "I can't, an unnamed uncaring person signed us up for family photo's (grrr) on Friday at 1pm.  I think she did it on purpose, come on, I'm off for 2 weeks and we had to do it on Friday at 1pm?"
  • Thu, Oct 7
    Chip Spall changed his status to "In" for the basketball game on Fri, Oct 8.
  • "That is a lot of smack talk Tosh for a guy who shows up about 40% of the time now ;-)"
  • Fri, Sep 10
    "No Nick?  less fun for all"
  • Fri, Jul 16
    "I agree, we are underleveled"
  • Sat, Jan 16
    "BTW -- Stecher claims he is running w/ us on Tuesday.  Like usual going to show us his Spokane hick basketball moves..."