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Boulder Basketball, Erie Basketball, Frederick Basketball, Lafayette Basketball, Longmont Basketball, Louisville Basketball, Runnin Full Court , Westminster Basketball

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  • Fri, May 11
    "I might have 2 other guys that want to play as well.  Depends on the day of the week the league falls on."
  • Thu, May 10
    "I just spoke to someone at the Erie Rec Center, and although they don't have any organized pick up games, I was told they get quite a few people playing on Monday and Thursday evenings.
  • "Guard here.
    I'd be down for that, but I don't know that there are any leagues running until next year.  I'll check with the Erie Rec Center to see if they have any scheduled "pick up basketball" time allotments, and perhaps we can get a weekly thing going."
  • Wed, May 9
    "I've been looking for steady pickup games for a while.  It's the best way to stay in shape as far as I'm concerned.  There are some on Monday and Wednesday at the Westminster Rec Center, but that's just a wee bit too far to go for a little basketball.  I live in Erie, but would certainly be interested in joining some sort of weekly pickup game at either the Erie or Lafayette Rec centers.
  • Mon, Mar 28
    Kevin joined the Longmont Basketball group.
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  • Kevin joined the Lafayette Basketball group.
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