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Bethesda Basketball, Chevy Chase Basketball, Gaithersburg Basketball, Kensington Basketball, Rockville Basketball, Silver Spring Basketball

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  • Wed, Apr 18
    Chevy Chase Basketball League wrote a comment on Tina's profile.
    "Chevy Chase Basketball League this summer"
  • Thu, Sep 29
    Tina wrote a comment on his own profile.
    "Is anyone interested playing in the evenings or weekend afternoons? There are two basketball courts in Silver Spring on Sligo Creek parkway near intersection with Dennie avenue. The courts have light until 11 pm. Let me know if you want to play and I will set some times."
  • Sat, Sep 3
    Tina wrote a comment on his own profile.
    "Hi all.  SSB (Social Sports of Bethesda;  are starting up the basketball league in October. Sing up is until Sep 9th.
    I am playing in the Lite league on a coed team named Shot Calaz. We need more guys so if any of you are interested, let me know and we'll find the way to connect. Otherwise, you may want to check out their site and sign up for the team. If it is hard to navigate the site, email the SSB organizers and they will guide you further."
  • Fri, Jul 15
    "What are good possible places to play besides Wheaton park? There is a playground on Sligo Creek Trail near the intersection with Dennis Ave. I see people playing there sometimes.
    Any other places? If we identify several places and times to play, we may get people motivated and get things going. Ideas anyone?"
  • "I would like to play but cannot do it in the mornings. Evening games anyone?"
  • Tue, Jul 12
    Tina joined the Gaithersburg Basketball group.
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