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Justin Roediger

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  • Sat, May 19
    "Hey sorry for the late response.  Games are on Sundays starting june 3rd.  It doesn't say how many weeks, but there will be a playoff at the end.  And it's $400 per team remember.  So at the most thats only $80 per person (if we run with only 5) which isn't bad for a reffed league."
  • Sat, May 12
    "OK so the info:

    It's a Sunday league.  $400 per team to join.  Has playoffs and refs and whatnot.  You don't have to be a member of the rec center to play.

    The rec center is at Baseline and public road (pretty much 287 and baseline) if anyone was concerned about traveling distance."
  • Fri, May 11
    "I think it's Wednesdays or Sundays.  One is a recreational one and the other is a bit more competitive I guess.  I'll get the official word tonight.  But if those 2 will play, I think we have the right number to have fun with it.  Too many people and you just end up with someone butt hurt on the bench"
  • "I'm an actual member.  I needed an indoor track to run on in the winter cause I do marathons for shits and giggles.  Otherwise, it's like $4 a day to go or you can buy like a 20 punch pass for a small discount off the daily rate."
  • "I'll drop by the rec center today after work and see what if any requirements are.  I really hope you don't have to be a member of the center to join..."
  • "Perfect.  I've got another guy at my office who wants to join up to.  He could run forward as well.  I dunno about the rest of you but I'm fine running a whole game on the floor, endurance is not an issue with me.  Maybe get like 1 or 2 subs and we can make a go at this."
  • Thu, May 10
    "There's an adult rec basketball league starting at the Lafayette Bob Berger rec center in June.  Team registration ends May 25th.  I'm also a guard (definitely a shooter over a break your ankles handler), but I can jump so I've slid down to a small forward depending on my team builds in the past"
  • "Honestly, there is 3 of us right here.  if we could just get a few more people we can probably just look into local rec center leagues to play at as a team.  it would probably save us a lot of downtime of looking for places that have regular pick-up and give a consistent team to play with.  Assuming we aren't all shooting guards at least haha"
  • Wed, May 9
    "Hey Daniel,

    I sometimes find some games at the Lafayette rec center on Baseline and Public rd.  It's pretty inconsistent though :/ and usually involves the local high school kids.  I've been trying to find a good place to play since I moved up here in January.  I've been dying to find competitive games with regular adult players so please let me know if you hear or find anything yourself haha"
  • Mon, Jan 23