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Redondo Beach Basketball, Torrance Basketball, Torrance Basketball, Torrance Basketball

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  • Sat, Oct 20
    "Hey guys, just scheduled a game for our group. Let me know what you guys think. Thx."
  • Justjshin changed his status to "In" for the basketball game on Sun, Oct 21.
  • Justjshin scheduled a new basketball game for Sun, Oct 21.
  • "Lets do 2 oclock then?"
  • "How about around 2 or 3:00?"
  • "Hey Mao,

    Would you want to play at Lago Seco this Sunday? Not sure how many guys
    you've contacted but maybe we can get in touch w/ them and see if they're
    interested. I can bring another guy, too and there are usually some guys
    there in the afternoon so even if we don't have full 10, we can prob pick
    up some there.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks,

  • Mon, Oct 15
    "If you don't mind outside, Lago Seco Park usually has good crowd and a nice
    set of courts."
  • Mao wrote a comment on Justjshin's profile.
    "We got one more interested. Check our Redondo Beach group. I am now looking for a venue."
  • Justjshin wrote a comment on Mao's profile.
    "Great. I'll talk to some people, too. Please keep me updated when you can.
  • Mao wrote a comment on Justjshin's profile.
    "Great. Lets try to round up at least 12 players. I sent messages already to the  others who also signed up here. Im thinking of an after work pick up game like weekday 7-9pm somewhere in torrance"