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  • Fri, Nov 22
    "Anyone here plays at Dee Hardison Sports Center, Wilson Park? They have drop in play every Friday and Saturday"
  • Fri, Oct 26
    "Justin, Pourmann,
    See you Sunday"
  • Thu, Oct 25
    "Hi guys! game again on sunday after at lago seco park @ 2 pm?"
  • Sun, Oct 21
    "Thank you for organizing the game, Justin. Good game by Wei, game ball goes to him. Another game next Sunday."
  • "Looks like it stopped raining"
  • Sat, Oct 20
    Mao changed his status to "In" for the basketball game on Sun, Oct 21.
  • "Ill be the asian with the black/red ball. See you on sunday"
  • "2pm. Hope you can come, Wei."
  • "Im ok with 9-11am or 2-4pm"
  • "Hi Wei,

    Can you do Sunday?"