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  • Sun, Feb 16
    "How many people did u get?  If you are planning on doing it again next weekend let me know and I'll be there."
  • "Game tonight at Carolina Courts Concord, need a few players. 980-319-8697 if anyone is interested. -Mike"
  • "My team is short some guys for my game tonight at Carolina Courts in Concord.  Anyone interested in playing hit me up 9803198697. Thanks -Mike"
  • Smidds wrote a comment on Justin Dabestani's profile.
    "Hi Justin my name is mike, I need a few guys for my game tonight in Concord at carolina courts.  If your interested give me a call 980-319-8697.  I know this is random but I just moved here from Boston a few months ago and the team I'm on is missing guys tonight so I dont know who to ask. Thanks."
  • Smidds wrote a comment on Bkdavisnc's profile.
    "I have a game tonight at 6:30 and need a few guys as most of my team is out of town. if you are interested hit me up 9803198697. Carolina Courts in concord is where the game is"
  • "I need a few guys for my game tonight sun 2/16 at Carolina Courts in Concord.  If anyone is interested please call me 980-319-8697.  Game is at 630pm"
  • Thu, Oct 3
    "North meck park is sweet if anyone wants to play outside there let us know date and time"
  • "There are enough people we should consider playing soon"
  • Tue, Sep 17
    Smidds joined the Matthews Basketball group.
  • Smidds joined the Cornelius Basketball group.