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  • Wed, Feb 19
    "Also, If anyone has an intramural team, AAU, league team.....anything organized and competitive....I would love to be a part of it! I am great player at that level. I started 4 years of high school and then played 1 year JC when I was 20. I am 27 now. 6'1 guard. Playmaker/shooter. Good handles and aggressive scorer. And I always find the open man.
         If anyone is trying to put something organized together, I would love to get a "tryout" or whatever. Get together and run and see if the game and chemistry is tight. Thanks!"
  • "Hey guys. is the Y generally considered the best place to find pickup ball around here? That seems to me to be the consensus. I already have a gym membership, so i'm not interested in buying another one. But I could pay for a guest pass or whatever each time if someone would "sponsor" me...I know George already said he would.
         So if so, is anyone trying to play this weekend? Morning, evening, whatever....just as long as there are plenty of people and it's fun/competitive. I can also play during the week in the evenings after 5.
         What's the best place around. Days? Time of day? Thanks!"
  • Mon, Feb 17
    George wrote a comment on Mikofire's profile.
    "Mike, just left you a long text, hope you got it!!  we'll definitely ball up and get some pickup going, indoors or outdoors.  I've always been an indoor bball player as well though and looking for that more then outdoor!"
  • Mikofire wrote a comment on George's profile.
    "Hey man, My name is Mike. I just moved to the area over the winter and am looking for games/pick up/league....whatever. I just want to run and play at a high level. Don't know if it matters, but here is some info. I'm 27, 6'1, played in Jr. College. I would absolutely love to play in a league or some kind of organized thing...But would equally love to find some good pickup games where lots of people are looking to run. I am really looking for indoor ball, but if the people are there and games are available, I will gladly play outdoors as well.
       But yeah, you let me know where guys are looking to run, and I will be there! Thanks bro!

    txt or call : 618-922-0635
    email :
    Or message me on here!"
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