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  • Sun, Aug 10
    Luvbasketball wrote a comment on TJ's profile.
    "If you are looking for a game you won't find one looking here.  Haven't found one using this site in this area. But there are games everyday in this areA"
  • Wed, Aug 6
    Luvbasketball wrote a comment on Pilkyu Lee's profile.
    "Play in Vienna"
  • Luvbasketball changed his status to "Undecided" for the basketball game on Wed, Aug 6.
  • Sun, May 18
    Luvbasketball scheduled a new basketball game for Sun, May 18.
  • Fri, May 16
    "Game Saturday May 17 2014 1200 pm
    8460 Maplewood Drive,
    Manassas, VA, 20111"
  • Wed, May 14
    TH wrote a comment on Luvbasketball's profile.
    "I have been on this website for a few years, no one ever organizes anything.
    Places to play:
    Indoors - Reston YMCA, Gold's Gym, and Worldgate. Also Herndon Community Center has reliable indoor games at noon on Friday for sure, and usually Monday and Wednesday. No membership required, costs 5-7 bucks. They have a sign-up list so that everyone plays. Call them for details.

    Outdoors - The best courts are in Arlington. Look up Lacy Woods (guaranteed), and also Sycamore Park, right across the street from the East Falls Church Metro. Both have lights, and good quality play

    I live in Herndon but go regular to Lacy Woods and Sycamore, 5PM or 6PM and later most weeknights. It's a 30 minute drive but always good."
  • "Looking for a basketball game any one playing"
  • "Still nobody playing anywhere?"
  • Mon, May 12
    "Looking for a game in fairfax area"
  • Sun, May 11