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  • Tue, Mar 1
    Nybball wrote a comment on Djmariogray's profile.
    "Ok.. no prob.. he prob won't be able to play.. but he can check things out...


  • Djmariogray wrote a comment on Nybball's profile.
    "I'm bringing one of my co-workers tonight...
    he wants to see what the speed and tempo is like.
    So let's get down and get busy running the ball like
    we did when we were 14-19 years old!!"
  • Mon, Feb 28
    Djmariogray wrote a comment on Nybball's profile.
    "Enjoying the games to the UP most. See ya' Tuesday"
  • Tue, Feb 15
    Nybball wrote a comment on Djmariogray's profile.

            Please provide me with an email address..


  • Mon, Feb 14
    Djmariogray wrote a comment on Nybball's profile.
    "See you tomorrow with the money, game and will."
  • Wed, Feb 9
    Djmariogray wrote a comment on Nybball's profile.
    "Thanks Ben aka Nybball,
    for a speedy response and I will see you with $112
    this Tuesday after Valentines day.. I'll skip the Roses
    this year and settle on giving her a card.. lol
    See you then and thanks for the opportunity."
  • Nybball wrote a comment on Djmariogray's profile.

            See below...

    Just some info..

               Most of the time, we play with guys which are friends of friends, ages 25 to late 30s. We definitely have different skill levels(some guys that are good, and other guys that are ok). But we call our own fouls, and we respect the calls.(there are no and ones) There definitely are no fights.

    See below...Let me know if you want a full time spot. I am looking for about 5-7 guys to fill a 5-7 fulltime spots. If not I will put you on my fillins list, you will not be guranteed to play every week. Usually I send out an email on Tuesdays(the day we play) asking for fillins. People do not let me know earlier if the they are OUT. Fillins usually pay $14 for 2 hours. Let me know if you want to just temp fillin or want the full time spot..

    If you want to play full time read below.
    The cost of the gym is listed below.(once you pay I can not give you a refund, due to injury or other circumstances), I need the full payment as I am fronting the full cost myself). You are welcome to come down the Monday(the day before, yes I have run on Mondays at the same gym) to check out the gym.  The session will end April 5th, 2011, we will reup after that..

    We play to 16 with 2pters and 3pters. There is no backcourt, and we call our own fouls no AND ONES...We keep the amount of guys to 15(there always be 10 on the court) so the winner stays on, and the other team sitting will rotate in.

    I will need all the money on Tuesday 2/15. Let me know if you are interested.

    6:00pm-8:00pm Tuesdays
    From Feb 15th, 2011 to April 5th, 2011.
    8 weeks=($14 x 8 weeks)=$112

    Educational Alliance
    197 East Broadway, New York, 10002

    Basement to the left, please sign in.


  • Djmariogray wrote a comment on Nybball's profile.
    "Hey Nybbal,
    How do you work payments out? In cash on day of event or should I wait to talk over the telephone with you? I'm interested in the players that your looking for and no, I'm not a Division 1 or 2 player, maybe in my dreams, yeah right?!
    I'm at 212-714-7188 and my name is Mario Gray. I'll be looking out for your call or e-mail. "Play hard or stay home!""
  • Mon, Sep 22
    Nybball scheduled a new recurring basketball game.
  • Nybball removed a recurring basketball game.