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  • Wed, May 4
    "I live in Sammamish, but would be willing to travel to Bellevue to play on a Sat or Sun morning.  The earlier the better."
  • Sat, Apr 2
    "I would be up for playing this weekend or in the evening"
  • Fri, Mar 18
    "Weekend mornings?"
  • Mon, Mar 14
    "I would love to get a team together too, but I have lost contact with all my
    friends who play hoops.  That was the main reason I joined that site, but so
    far nothing has materialized."
  • "If you know of anyplace to play indoors then I would be totally into that."
  • "How many folks in this group are actually still interested in playing.  As the weather get's nicer the possibility of playing outside becomes reality and my neighborhood has a beautiful full outdoor court that rarely get's used."
  • Sun, Dec 12
    Biggie wrote a comment on Reigndawgs's profile.
    "what kinda league is it?? hit me up for info?? 509 264-8380"
  • Sat, Dec 11
    "Anybody want to look into joining a league?"
  • "I'm ready willing and able to play.  Does anybody know of a place we can play?  Anybody interested in trying to put a team together to play in a league on the Eastside?"
  • Thu, Jul 15
    Reigndawgs wrote a comment on Kim Eng's profile.
    "Can I get in on this game?"