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  • Mon, Jul 30
    "Bball tonight Destin community center 6pm"
  • "Bball tonight Destin community center 6pm"
  • Wed, Jul 18
    Nick M updated his profile.
  • "Destin community center 5-9pm Monday night
    Holy name of Jesus Catholic Church Thursday 6-8pm.

    Let’s set some more times to organise 5v5 but let’s make a WhatsApp group"
  • "We need a WhatsApp group. Please post your numbers and I’ll organise it"
  • "Let’s make a WhatsApp group for basketball games in niceville and destin. I am happy to set it up on there so we can coordinate some games. Plz if you want to be included post your number below and I’ll
    Make a group.

    So far I’ve found Destin community center plays Monday night 5-9 but need more people.

    Holy name of Jesus Catholic Church plays Thursday at 6pm-8pm

    Plz post your number so we can make a thread

  • Sun, Jul 1
    Nick M joined the Destin Basketball group.