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Chris P

Chris P

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  • Sat, Apr 16
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  • Matt S wrote a comment on Chris P's profile.
    "hey Chris, sounds good bro.  i'll be at the gym round 9AM.  come round then if you can.  the address is 643 virginia st, it is called st paul city school. feel free to text/call me 612.385.6551.  hope to see ya then.  can you text/email me to confirm you received this?  thanks"
  • Chris P wrote a comment on Matt S's profile.
    "Hey Matt, sorry I haven't responded to your other post, been busy with work. I'm up for a game tomorrow if you're still looking for people."
  • Mon, Apr 4
    "I agree that an hour is not enough, I think we would want to reserve 2 if we to that route. I'm going to try out some other gyms this week, if I come across one with 2 or more courts I think it would be great to get a weekly game there. Like I said, I'd be willing to get outdoor games organized when it warms up if we can get more people on this site/interested."
  • Fri, Apr 1
    "Adult Open Gym Schedule - Evenings

    Bottineau Park - 9-11 $4
    Green Central Gym - 6-8 $4
    Kenwood Community Center 7-9 $4


    Stewart Park - 8-10 $4
    Windom NE- 6-8 $4

    East Phillips Park - 7-9 Free
    Windom South - 8-10 $4


    Saturday Morning:
    Mathews Park - 10:30-1:30
    Windom NE - 12-3 $4

    Longfellow Park said they would have an open gym for adults one night a week, but they were waiting until April 1st to decide what night.

    The only gym of these I've been to is Windom NE on Wednesday, I've been there the past two weeks.  The gym's a bit small, but it's in decent shape.  The first time I was there about 15 people showed up, yesterday there was about 20, pretty full.  There are a number of regulars that seem to go so there's always decent games.

    I apologize if you go to one of the above gyms and don't have a good experience, I really don't know what most of them are like.  I'll be trying out several of them the next few weeks just to see what they're like and who plays there.

    You do need to bring your I.D. to the gym as well.  

    As I said before, if there's enough interest we can reserve gym time for $35 an hour at any of these gyms.  

    Also, when it gets to be a bit nicer, if there's interest I'd be willing to put together a weekly (or weekend) game at an outdoor park."
  • Thu, Mar 31
    "I spoke with all the Rec Centers that have an indoor gym.  I'll post the schedule on here tonight when I get home along with the cost, most places are $3-4 a night.  In addition to the scheduled adult open gym times the gyms are also available for reservations for $35/hour.  So, if we have enough interest, with 10 or more people we could have a couple hours of gym time for a reasonable cost at our discretion."
  • "Now that basketball season is open, there are a number of rec centers that have open gym hours for adults during the week. Is there enough interest for games if I put together a schedule of the gyms and their days/times?"
  • Tue, Jul 27
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