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New York, NY
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ballers 13, Eric's group, Forest Hills Basketball, Nybball's Group, Queens Basketball, Whitestone Basketball, Woodhaven Basketball

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  • Tue, Feb 2
    "ok, let's organize here.  we need to figure out logistically where and when people want and are available to play so if anyone wants to forward contact information to me i can keep a list of prospective players and get a better sense of how big a group we can gather.  i took a quick look online and saw advertised rates of $150-$200 an hour for full courts but i am sure we can do a little better.  if we book a 3-4 hour block and have numbers that bring the per player cost down to a reasonable number then it seems we can make it work.  Please feel free to forward contact information and a brief summary of availability, location preferences, and any info on court rentals to me at"
  • "something is odd about this site.  these "upcoming games" do not exist.  LES??  where in LES??  no one ever tells me.  seems a revolt and the formation of an independent group is the only way to break this cycle of disappointment."
  • "since i joined this site i have never been alerted to or made aware of any games.  i joined the ymca out of desperation but would love to have an orgainzed group.  i believe with at least 10-15 people it would not be a problem renting out a gym at a school or other facility.  if anyone has interest in that we can form a group outside of this website and get something off the ground."
  • Tue, Nov 24
    "i'm in for 12/1.  its my first time.  where is the exact location?"
  • Victor changed his status to "In" for the basketball game on Wed, Dec 2.
  • Fri, Nov 6
    Victor joined the Woodhaven Basketball group.
  • Victor joined the ballers 13 group.
  • Victor joined the Queens Basketball group.
  • Victor changed his status to "In" for the basketball game on Wed, Nov 11.