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  • GeekWireGeekWire - Hoops helper: An iPhone app to organize pickup basketball

    The app uses GPS to set up geo-fences around specific courts and notifies users when they cross the geofence. Players can link to game details — where it is, what time, how many people involved — and RSVP game status (In, Out, Undecided). Users can also search the database for games going on in other places and join groups that establish regular playing times.

  • UrbanDaddyUrbanDaddy - Pickup Line - An App for Finding Pickup Basketball Games

    Say hello to InfiniteHoops, a GPS-powered iPhone app that locates currently active basketball courts, available now.

  • CosbySweatersCosbySweaters - “InfiniteHoops” App Lets You Find Local Pickup Basektball Games Anywhere

    With the improvements from its original launch, users can now set up “geo-fence” notifications that will notify the person when they have entered an area where a pickup game is happening. Users can also join pickup game groups to message other users and RSVP for future games.

  • MashableMashable - Find a Pickup Basketball Game Anywhere With This App

    With the new-and-improved app, users can set up geo-fence notifications that let them know when they’ve entered the vicinity of a registered pickup game at a nearby park or gym. Users can also join pickup game groups to message other users and RSVP for games as well as view other group member’s RSVPs for a given game and time.

  • TechFlashTechFlash -- InfiniteHoops lets you find pickup basketball game with an iPhone

    The Seattle company that runs social sports websites is rolling out its iPhone app that can help a basketball player find a pickup game.

    Founder Tosh Meston says InfiniteHoops GPS “lets you find recurring pickup games, mark your game status as In, Out or Undecided, join groups, even talk trash,” in an email announcing the new app.

  • IndypendentThe Indypendent -- Take Back the Summer: The Indypendent's Summer Culture Guide

    If you'd rather watch than play New York City's courts are host to some outstanding and flamboyantly talented ballers. You just have to know where to find them. Check out ... INFINITE HOOPS ( to find games and plan your participation. Pickup baseball and softball can also be located through

  • UrbanDaddyUrbanDaddy -- Like Facebook for Soccer

    It happens every four years... that sudden, World Cup-inspired urge to dust off your cleats and take to the field. This calls for a co-ed pickup game. Infinite Soccer will tell you where to find it, who's playing, their skill level and what kind of trash they're talking. Which will no doubt pale in comparison to your cutting barbs.

  • The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post -- May Is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

    Join a league this summer or show up at the courts for a pickup game. Find local games at

  • CBS MoneyWatchCBS -- Best Workouts for Your Career

    Situation: You work in the financial sector and, post-bailout, everyone seems to despise you.

    Forget about shooting solitary jumpers or challenging another vice-president to a game of HORSE; those activities will do nothing to demonstrate that you’re a team player. Instead, search to find a pickup game at a local playground or gym.

  • Social WorkoutSocial Workout -- Find a Pick Up Game Near You

    In honor of parks in general, and my wiffle ball pickup game midnight last Friday, I've got an exciting list of intramural pickup sites - from basketball to ultimate frisbee - you can use to rack up some intramural minutes this month, no long-term commitment required.

    Infinite Hoops has listings for pickup basketball games across the country.

  • ThrillistThrillist -- Pick-up: Infinite Hoops

    Because watching gets you fired up to ball yourself, this Seatown based social network let's ballers find pick-up games that match their skill level, or form a group and start of league of their own, which'll go smoothly until Kit's inferiority complex gets her traded to Racine.

    Get some run at

  • Netted By The WebbysNetted -- Hoop Dreams

    Finally, if you'd rather play than watch, try Infinite Hoops, a social networking site that helps you find pick up games. Their coverage is national, and they offer detailed information about the games they cover, so you'll know whether you're out of your league or not.

    Ice packs for sore knees not included.

  • Men's HealthMen's Health -- The Best Places to Work Out

    Test your skills at these top street ball spots or find a local game at

  • CNET NewsCNET News -- March Madness: 10 sites to feed your need

    InfiniteHoops is a unique site that lets you find others in your area who might want to start a pickup basketball game. Users input where they will be playing a game and when, and others who want to play can join the game. It's a great way to connect with people around town when the tournament makes you want to play some hoops.

  • Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune -- Trot off those Turkey Day 'taters

    While your turkey is basting in the oven, find a basketball game near your hood at It takes 30 seconds to register at the free site, and you'll be able to look through postings of basketball games taking place near you. Or, start your own game and find players here.

  • MashableMashable -- Top 10 Tools for Soccer Moms and Weekend Warriors

    InfiniteHoops is a cool way to form or join pick-up basketball games in a hurry. If you want to organize a game you just enter the location and day and time and others can sign up to play. Conversely, if you're a player, then just search for any games in your neck of the woods and join.

  • ReadWriteWebReadWriteWeb -- Mainstream Web Watch:

    Facebook app? Oh yes it has one of those - designed "to push game events into the news feeds of people in your social graph in the hope of attracting additional players to your game."

    Other features include a javascript Pick-Up Game Search widget for basketball bloggers, user profile pages, a news feed of events generated by people and your groups, RSS feeds of group messages, iCal feeds of game times, and many more goodies.

  • Seattle PISeattle PI -- March Madness: Seattle's Sports Startups

    Tosh Meston, who runs the InfiniteHoops site, where basketball players can find local pick up games ... created InfiniteHoops because he and his friends simply wanted an easy way to know who would be showing up for games. The site now has about 3,000 members and 600 groups.

  • MashableMashable -- 19 Tools For The Best March Madness Ever - If all this basketball talk this time of year gives you an urge to go out and play some yourself, InfiniteHoops can help you set up a pick-up game in your area quickly.

  • SeattlestSeattlest -- Seattle's Best Tech of Last Year

    If there's a theme to the rest of the list it's that the best technology out of Seattle this year really shines when it's facilitating real-world contact. helps you find pick-up games in your area.

  • The Globe And MailThe Globe and Mail -- Sporting take on social network websites

    Today, Christensen and his friends in Austin rely on to manage their lunch-time game schedule, keep abreast of changes in times or locations and ensure they have enough bodies to play.

    "We are all at work and can log in just before game time in case it rains and we have to move from our outdoor court to a gym or something. We are all in different buildings and different sites and trying to do this by phone would be difficult and the flood of e-mails with a basketball subject line can sometimes be difficult to manage."