Easton Park Hoops · Messages
  • Have there been enough people to play lately?
  • Not 100% sure I can make it yet, so plan wo me
  • Looks like we got 4 in for tomorrow… anyone else wanna sign in so we can get a game?
  • Marcus, I brought your ball home with me. I will be at the court tomorrow at ten and will bring it with me.
  • Marcus you left your ball here. My name is Hector. My number is 512-426-3874. Text me
  • Let’s get 8+ for this weekend!
  • Great game today guys! I moved the location to Blazier Intermediate School on Slaughter. The schedule is every Saturday/Sunday at 10 AM and a game will be on if 6 or more sign in!
  • I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow! We could also consider Blazier School down the street with a covered court and 4 hoops for future games. 8801 Vertex Blvd, Austin, TX 78747
  • Hey guys welcome to infinite hoops! I see we got 5 signed in for tomorrow already which is awesome. The games on here auto-reschedule so this should be a sustainable way to play in the future. Be sure to hit “IN” if you want to play tomorrow and I guess if 6 or more sign in then we have a game. See y’all then!